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Includes any creatures, people, or such that blend into the surroundings so much that they're possibly impossible to notice. Often the camouflage requires they remain absolutely still.


Name variations: Chameleonic enemies

See also: mimics (creatures that look like harmless objects until provoked), cloaking NPCs (those that use full blown cloaking devices or have similar innate ability)
A human example would be a person using a high quality camouflage suit, e.g. a soldier's battledress properly chosen for the location and the soldier choosing their particular hiding spot well. A more obvious example is the ghillie suit.

Note that unlike cloaking devices, these tend to be far less perfect (e.g. any movement makes the person usually oddly easy to spot) and are far more natural (no scifi devices or magic needed).

The first Camouflagers video game was released in 1988.

Ubisoft and Devolver Digital published most of these games.


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