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Depicts cannibalism, the act of eating members of your own species.


The first video game about Cannibalism was released in 1994.

Bethesda Softworks, Bay 12 Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment has published most of these games

See also: man-eaters
Unlike what many believe, cannibalism is NOT the act of eating humans. It's the act of eating members of the eater's own species, so human-eating-human and dog-eating-dog is cannibalism while a dog-eating-human is not.

For our (UVL) purposes, we should not consider undead or similar variants eating their "own" an act of cannibalism. While this is a real-ish case of it, we have no way to distinguish it from real cases, it is far too common in zombie fiction (and zombies are generally considered non-human by that time, though human eating zombies would still count).

However, an android or some other being the player perceives as clearly human (although possibly a deranged one) without knowing the truth for some time (if ever within the game), then we can assume it's a case of perceived cannibalism - and make a spoiler note about it so people who know better will know why the rule was broken.

Note that cannibalism itself is not seemingly criminal act among humans, though it usually breaks some other law in the process and the heavy cultural/social taboo associated with it easily makes it seem as if it was a crime.

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