Carry capacity: Tool slots

Video game concept

Carry capacity is limited by available generic tool slots, or by item type (e.g. only only one heavy and one light). Not including clothing/armor or similar passive things.


Alternate name: Item type

The first video game about Carry capacity: Tool slots was released on January 25, 1992.

Electronic Arts, Capcom and 2K Games has published most of these games

Note: This tag needs a clearer name.
This is commonly used when you don't have a real inventory, only can grab some item off the floor which replaces whatever you were holding or is put into a free slot. This may be limited to item types, such has one slot for handguns, another slot for grenades (only one type), and third for medium weapons (e.g. either shotgun, rifle or machinegun) and fourth for heavy tools (e.g. a rocket launcher or pneumatic drill).

This also covers cases where you can carry only as much as your hands can hold, no putting stuff on belt or pockets or using straps to keep them around, just your hands.

This is somewhat vague tag, unfortunately, so before using review the already tagged games for examples.

Commonly, but not exclusively, these have no inventory.

The limit is commonly 1 to 5, with most games falling to the 2-3 range with 4 coming next.
Similar: quick slots