Card games

Traditional games theme

BaccaratA card game commonly played at some casinos.1983 / 200025 games
BeloteFrench card game played with a 32-card game. Traditionnaly 4 players but has 2 and 3 players variant.1985 / 19974 games
Blackjack card gameBlackjack (also 21), a card game played against the dealer. Dealer & each player gets 1 up, 1 down, & try to take cards totaling 21 or less, no more.1975 / 2018258 games
Brag card gameThree card brag and all its variations.1983 / 19853 games
Bridge card game1970 / 201775 games
Crazy Eights1982 / 201015 games
CribbageCombination board & card game1982 / 200749 games
Culbertson card game1 game
Daifugō card game and variantsOriginally a japanese card game (Daifugō or Daihinmin) that has some Chinese (Big Two and Zheng Shangyou), Vietnamese (Tien Lien) and Occidental (Asshole) variants. Plays with a 52-card deck (+2 jokers on some variants), for three or more players.1983 / 19995 games
FreeCell solitaireA variant of patience, a solitaire card game. Notable difference from Klondike is that all cards in play are upturned instead of only the top one.1979 / 201515 games
Go Fish card game1986 / 201020 games
HanafudaHanafuda are playing cards of Japanese origin, used to play a number of games. The name literally translates as 'flower cards'. [i](Source: Wikipedia)[/i]1982 / 201262 games
Hearts card game.1980 / 201034 games
Higher & Lower card game1983 / 19884 games
Hylocynate card game1 game
KenoGambling game mixing bingo & lottery. Players buy cards of #s (80), marks up to a limit of #s (15), random #s are chosen, & players paid for matches.1978 / 199926 games
Monster MakerMonster Maker is a traditional style card game of Japanese origin. Players swap cards(parts) to build a complete monster before their opponent.1990 / 19912 games
PitchA type of card game.1 game
Poker card gamesVariety of cards where matched values, matched suits, runs, & combinations of them are sought & often bet to be of higher value than another's hand.1975 / 2018378 games
Qphrenics card game1 game
RummyRummy is a group of card games that includes Gin Rummy, Canasta, Rummy and Mah Jong. As mahjong games are much more common, they have their own group.1982 / 200522 games
Skat card game1983 / 201318 games
SolitaireFamily of single-player tabletop games, including patience, Mahjong solitaire, and peg solitaire.1975 / 2017274 games
Spades card game1983 / 200411 games
Tarot1982 / 200919 games
Thirty-OneGames based on the card game "Thirty-one" and its variants.1 game
Trente-et-QuaranteA gambling card game.1 game
TrucTrick-taking card game for 2 to 6 players, mostly played in France and Spain. South American versions of this game are more elaborated and called Truco, Truque or Truquiflor.1 game
UnoCard game played with a specially printed deck.1987 / 201718 games
War card game1982 / 20054 games
Xyology Card Game1 game