Carnivorous plants

Creatures theme

Includes plants that trap and digest animals.


Alternate names: Insectivorous plants, Man-eating plants

The first video game about Carnivorous plants was released in 1984.

Nintendo, Capcom and Square has published most of these games

* Hostile flora
Real plants don't meet the strict carnivorous definition since their energy is light derived. But some get nutrients by trapping & digesting animals

Regardless if real plants meet the definition or not, any plant that regularly derives nutrients from an mechanism it creates to catch living animals, will be called a carnivorous for the purposes of UVL. Perhaps true plant carnivores could be called predatory plants. Even thought carnivorous plants are designed optimally to lure and trap insects, they will digest anything that otherwise is snared. For some plants this includes the occasional amphibian, fish, bird, and tiny mammal. Fictional plants are typically able to snare the protagonist regardless of a lack of an insectoid nature.