Cartoon reality

Cartoon / anime concept

Any tags describing cartoon-like expression, graphics, sounds and reality itself.

Some of these might not have proper names anywhere and thus only describe a visual trait or theme. If any commonly accepted terms are found, the ones found here should be modified to match.
CaricatureCharacters' certain personal traits are greatly enhanced or simplified.1993 / 201652 games
Cartoon physicsEmploys any form of cartoon physics, excluding those seen as the norm in most video games.2009 / 20143 games
Chibi / Super deformedThis is a supertag for chibi and super deformed styles for those who don't know or care about the differences.1992 / 20157 games
Four fingersCharacters, even humans, are depicted with four fingers (and possibly toes) instead of five. Common in western cartoons.1990 / 201524 games
Huge forearmsInstead of biceps, forearms of characters (especially male and generally masculine ones) are abnormally large, commonly widening towards the fingers and often with no apparent wrist.1 game
Huge headsCharacters consistently have disproportionally large heads.1987 / 201228 games
Invisible anatomyCharacters behave, manipulate things and generally act as if they had certain anatomical features they're clearly missing. Commonly things like characters holding things without fingers, hands, or entire arms.2005 / 20125 games
Unconnected extremitiesCharacters' hands and feet are not connected to the body by limbs but rather move seemingly independently of it.1990 / 201251 games
X-ray electrocutionGetting electrocuted, struck by lightning or such causes characters to become transparent except for their skeleton which often becomes luminescent in turn.1987 / 201649 games