Cartoon violence

Culture concept

Depicts violence and especially its effects in cartoony manner.


The first video game about Cartoon violence was released in 1989.

Team Meat, Sierra On-Line and Nintendo has published most of these games

Not to be confused with animated/fantasy violence, which is about violence involving cartoon, unrealistic, or such characters. Nor should this be confused with violence involving cartoons, rather than violence enacted in cartoony manner.
Note that a game with cartoon graphics may depict violence as realistically as any game could, while a game that looks realistic is perfectly capable of depicting violence in cartoon manner. So any other descriptors pointing to cartoons are not sufficient in determining whether or not cartoon violence is involved or not, nor does this tag say there's no realistic violence.

Note also that this is not about the visual style of the violence, but rather the manner at which the enactment and the injuries incurred are played out.

* Explosions and fire cause those subjected to them only to be covered in soot
* Punching someone causes the hit body part or the whole person to behave like a punching bag
* Squishing a character briefly flattens them from which they "miraculously" recover shortly after
* Shooting someone causes see-through holes to appear on them (without blood) or nothing at all
* Anvils, pianos, safes, or other heavy objects dropped on people's heads
* Electrocution causes the person's skeleton to become visible as if seen via x-ray
* Characters' bodies get trivially reshaped (especially by those who are depicted as ridiculously strong)
* Butt biting, toe pinching, etc. with overdone reactions
* Jumping due to pain, especially when this is much higher than they normally jump
* Abnormally large swellings due to injury, especially on the cranium
* Getting crushed between a wall and abruptly opened door
* Freezing solid causes no lasting damage
* And many, many things used in slapstick comedy
... and so forth

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