Casino games

Traditional games theme

BaccaratA card game commonly played at some casinos.1983 / 200025 games
Backgammon board gameThis tag indicates the game is based on backgammon or includes a game based on backgammon.1977 / 2016147 games
Big Six WheelA wheel divided into radial segments spun so a random segment is indicated by a stationary marker. Less often, the marker spins. Commonly for gambling0 game
BingoPlayed on a 5x5 (usually) grid of random numbers (usually). The caller draws numbers from a basket & players mark those numbers on their grid. First to get a predetermined pattern wins.1980 / 200030 games
Blackjack card gameBlackjack (also 21), a card game played against the dealer. Dealer & each player gets 1 up, 1 down, & try to take cards totaling 21 or less, no more.1975 / 2018258 games
CrapsA gambling game played with dice1970 / 201259 games
Hoo Hey HowA dice game originating in China. Often used in gambling.1 game
KenoGambling game mixing bingo & lottery. Players buy cards of #s (80), marks up to a limit of #s (15), random #s are chosen, & players paid for matches.1978 / 199926 games
LotteryDrawing lots for prizes.2004 / 20189 games
PachinkoA Japanese gaming device used for amusement and prizes. Although the machines were originally strictly mechanical, modern pachinko machines are a cross between a pinball machine and a video slot machine. (Source: Wikipedia)1980 / 2008161 games
Pai GowA gambling game played with dominoes. Not to be confused with the card game that is loosely based on it.0 game
Pai Gow Card GameA gambling card game loosely based on the Pai Gow game played with dominoes.0 game
Poker card gamesVariety of cards where matched values, matched suits, runs, & combinations of them are sought & often bet to be of higher value than another's hand.1975 / 2018378 games
RouletteGambling with a spun wheel of red & black numbers on which a moving ball is tossed against many possible bets of various odds on a corresponding chart1972 / 201890 games
RummyRummy is a group of card games that includes Gin Rummy, Canasta, Rummy and Mah Jong. As mahjong games are much more common, they have their own group.1982 / 200522 games
ScratchcardsGambling game pieces containing concealed results are purchased in the hope that the results will be worth more than the purchase price of the game piece0 game
Slot machineA type of gambling device1970 / 2018400 games
Trente-et-QuaranteA gambling card game.1 game
Video PokerVideo Poker is a combination of [gametag=poker]poker[/gametag] and [gametag=slotmachine]slot machine[/gametag].1978 / 200585 games