Casual elements

Video game concept

Any concepts that make a game more casual, faster to get in (lower skill curve) and less demanding on player (less basics to learn; more supplemental and unrealistic information given).

Contrast: hardcore elements

These generally do not automatically make a game casual, but does make them more appealing to casual gamers.
Aim assistAutomatically adjusts aiming a bit to help players hit their targets.1993 / 2019132 games
Health regeneration: Fast / InstantHealth regenerates fully in only few seconds when not taking damage, making it very useful even in middle of combat.2001 / 2017139 games
Hit confirmationGives some form of confirmation if you hit anything worth hitting, generally providing this even in cases when you couldn't possibly know (such as shooting targets outside of visible range or behind vision blocking cover such as bushes).2009 / 201713 games
MinimapA small map shown constantly on screen that shows the whole map or small portion (centered on the protagonist). Often in a corner of the screen, though sometimes overlayed with the main view.1980 / 2019433 games
ShortExceptionally short / fast to play through compared to many other games of the genre.2007 / 201726 games