Cheap death

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In the depicted mythos, death is not an insurmountable obstacle. There exists technology, magic, or something else that makes returning to life somewhat trivial. Regardless if this is readily available to all (protagonist usually has easy access to it).

See also: resuscitation
This does not include cases where the characters just fall unconscious or similar (death in gameplay terms, but not actual death in in-mythos terms). Nor when death is technically cheap but unexplainably so (or you just never die).

Things like resurrection spells (and scrolls) as in D&D, regeneration chambers as in System Shock and BioShock, and so forth are excellent examples of this.

This is NOT synonym for unlimited lives or similar as this is purely in-mythos concept rather than gameplay.

The first Cheap death video game was released in 1995.

2K Games, Beamdog and LucasArts published most of these games.

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