Christian faith

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Games where one or more of the authors with creative control was Christian and the game promotes the Christian faith.

The first video game about Christian faith was released in 1977.

Wisdom Tree, Digital Praise and PC ENTERPRISES has published most of these games

Both a Christian author and content that promotes Christ Jesus and his teachings, are required.

biblical canon is a important alternative and/or companion to this tag. However, there can exist games designed to promote Christianity and biblical themes but not actually based on the Bible. For instance, if there were a game made about John Newton's life. And, any game creator can base a game on the Bible, and even do a really good job, without being a Christian themselves. In this case, "Christian faith" doesn't apply. Also the resulting game may be of the utmost quality and adherence to the Bible (biblical canon), without necessarily promoting the material, and could in fact belittle it through selective context. Finally, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share some of the same scriptures and yet are opposed to each other in some key ways; biblical canon is not equivalent to Christian anymore than it is equivalent to Islam or Judaism. What the game promotes is key to this tag. There are thousands of Christian game authors that are working on normal everyday 'secular' games without adding anything 'Christian' to them; as is the case with Buddhists, Jews, and Muslims. It would be rather silly to tag Doom as a Mormon game because Sandy Petersen is Mormon.
If you are not sure if one of these tags applies, then the generic religion tag should be used.
Use of this tag or the label "Christian" on a game or game entry does not constitute endorsement by God or Jesus.

These same principals apply equally to the following tags (and any associated texts considered holy, should those tags be added someday):
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