Video game concept


Alternate name: Cutscenes

Cinematic inconsistenciesCinematics have content that is inconsistent with in-game content.2005 / 20138 games
Comic book cutscenesCutscenes are delivered in comic or graphic novel format.2001 / 201525 games
Cutscene invulnerabilityFor the duration of cutscenes player characters (and possibly others) are turned invulnerable. Requires cutscenes can start midgame and return to same or close to same situation from where they started in while same enemies/dangers remain active.2009 / 20134 games
In-game cinematicsUses the game engine (the same thing used to display normal gameplay) itself to run cinematic sequences rather than playing some pre-rendered FMVs or such.1982 / 201654 games
In-game introThe introduction is part of the initial game rather than a cinematic, narration or even simple text the player can only watch and listen.1998 / 20139 games
In-person cinematicsAll cinematics, in-game or not, are displayed as if from the eyes of the protagonist.2004 / 20157 games
Pre-rendered cinematicsThe cinematics have been pre-rendered, drawn, or otherwise produced outside of the game (engine).1992 / 201941 games
Pre-rendered in-game cinematicsUses pre-rendered cinematics that seem like they were recorded off the game itself. Likely mixed with some external tool usage for adding extra content or otherwise enhancing the videos.2001 / 20137 games