Locations entity

Acre, IsraelIncludes the city of Acre as a location.2007 / 20083 games
Alexandria, EgyptIncludes the city of Alexandria as a location.1 game
Amsterdam, NetherlandsIncludes the city of Amsterdam as location.1986 / 19873 games
Astoria, Oregon, USAIncludes the city of Astoria, OR as a location.1985 / 200613 games
Atlanta, Georgia, USAIncludes city of Atlanta as a location1989 / 19965 games
Austin, Texas, USAIncludes city of Austin as a location1 game
Barcelona, SpainIncludes the city of Barcelona as a location.1986 / 201212 games
Beijing, ChinaCapital of The People's Republic of China1999 / 20144 games
Berlin, GermanyCapital city of Germany.1984 / 201428 games
Boston, Massachusetts, USAIncludes the city of Boston as a location1985 / 201536 games
Cairo, EgyptIncludes the city of Cairo as a location.1990 / 201210 games
Cannes, FranceIncludes the city of Cannes as location.1986 / 19873 games
Cape Town, South Africa, AfricaIncludes the city of Cape Town as a location.4 games
Chicago, Illinois, USAIncludes the city of Chicago as a location.1985 / 201768 games
Cincinnati, Ohio, USAIncludes the city of Cincinnati as a location.1 game
Dallas, Texas, USAIncludes Dallas as a location.1982 / 19927 games
Damascus, SyriaIncludes the city of Damascus as a location.2007 / 20083 games
Daytona Beach, Florida, USAIncludes city of Daytona Beach as a location1 game
Delhi, IndiaIncludes the city of Delhi as a location.1 game
Denver, Colorado, USAIncludes the city of Denver as a location.1988 / 19924 games
Detroit, Michigan, USA1988 / 201324 games
Eureka, California, USAIncludes the city of Eureka as a location1980 / 201622 games
Florence, Italy2009 / 20155 games
Frankfurt, GernanyIncludes the city of Frankfurt as a location.1999 / 20142 games
Houston, Texas, USAIncludes city of Houston as a location1988 / 20072 games
Jerusalem, IsraelIncludes the city of Jerusalem as a location.1990 / 20129 games
Jilemnice, Czech RepublicIncludes the city of Jilemnice as a location. Home town of Ales Vodsedalek, Jakub Hlava, Lukas Hlava, and Jan Weiss.1 game
Karacha, KyrgyzstanIncludes the village of Karacha in the Jalal-Abad Province of Kyrgyzstan as a location.1 game
Kyoto City, Kyoto, JapanIncludes the City of Kyoto, Japan as a location.1985 / 20082 games
Las Vegas, Nevada, USAIncludes the city of Las Vegas as a location.1981 / 201333 games
London, United KingdomIncludes the city of London as a location.1982 / 2018138 games
Los Angeles, California, USAIncludes the city of Los Angeles as a location1980 / 201693 games
Luxembourg, LuxembourgCapital city of Luxembourg.1981 / 19845 games
City: Luxor, EgyptA city in Egypt that notably houses the ruins of Thebes.2011 / 20124 games
City: Menden, GermanyA 3rd century AD onward settlement that's alternately been ruled by many outside authorities between periods of independence as long as 400 years.1 game
Mogadishu, Somalia1 game
Montreal, Quebec, Canada2011 / 20157 games
Moscow, RussiaIncludes the city of Moscow as a location.1981 / 201634 games
New Orleans, Louisiana, USAIncludes the city of New Orleans as a location1993 / 20077 games
New York City, New York, USAIncludes the city of New York as a location1982 / 2018321 games
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USAIncludes city of Oklahoma as a location3 games
Orlando, Florida, USA1 game
Ōsaka City, Ōsaka Prefecture JapanIncludes Ōsaka as a location.1988 / 19963 games
Ottawa, Canada1 game
Paris, FranceIncludes the city of Paris as location.1982 / 201880 games
Parker, Texas, USAIncludes Parker as a location.4 games
Plano, Texas, USAIncludes Plano as a location.4 games
Pompeii, ItalyA former city in Rome that was destroyed in 79 CE by the nearby volcano, Vesuvius. Rediscovered in 1592 CE.1992 / 20112 games
Portland, Oregon, USAIncludes the city of Portland as a location.3 games
Prague, Czech2000 / 20169 games
Rio de Janeiro, BrazilIncludes the city of Rio de Janeiro as a location.1988 / 20084 games
Rome, Italy1986 / 201519 games
Saint Petersburg, RussiaIncludes the city of Saint Petersburg as a location.1997 / 20133 games
San Diego, California, USAIncludes the city of San Diego as a location1980 / 201624 games
San Francisco, California, USAIncludes city of San Fransisco as a location1980 / 201686 games
San Luis Obispo, California, USAIncludes the city of San Luis Obispo as a location1980 / 201622 games
Santa Barbara, California, USAIncludes the city of Santa Barbara as a location1980 / 201622 games
Seattle, Washington, USAIncludes the city of Seattle as a location.1988 / 201313 games
Shanghai, ChinaMost populous city of People's Republic of China, found in the middle of the east coast.2010 / 201310 games
Sharpsburg, Maryland, USA1985 / 19864 games
Smolensk, RussiaA town on the Dnieper River near Moscow that has been destroy many times in war due to its location on the way to Moscow.1 game
Taipei, TaiwanIncludes the city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, as a location3 games
Tokyo, JapanIncludes the Tokyo metropolis area as location, which covers the Tokyo City and Tokyo prefecture.1988 / 201761 games
Tuscon, Arizona, USAThe city of Tuscon is included as a location.1 game
Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaIncludes the city of Vancouver as a location.1 game
Venice, Italy1989 / 201521 games
Volgograd, RussiaIncludes the city of Volgograd, Russia. Known as Stalingrad from World War II as it was named back then.1995 / 201610 games
Warsaw, PolandIncludes the city if Warsaw as a location.1998 / 20144 games
Washington, D.C., USAIncludes the city of Washington, D.C. as a location.1988 / 200916 games