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Coded in C, a general-purpose programming language, originally designed by Dennis Ritchie.


The first video game about C programming language was released in 1971.

New Breed Software, Broken Rules and Delorie Software has published most of these games

"clang" is a synonym for clanguage on UVL. This is simply an abbreviation and nothing to do with the Clang compiler front-end.
* C++ language
* B language (not used in games?)
Development started in 1972.

K&R C was released in 1978.
On Windows, this can be noticed from the presence of msvcr##.dll in the game's directory (if you look at the file's version information, it'll give you something like: Microsoft C Runtime Library). This is not mandatory however, only points out that the game was really compiled using MS Visual Studio and not really even that in reliable manner (doesn't take much effort to link to MS libraries).

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Linux 223
BSD 62
Windows 30
Unix 22
BeOS 17
Mac OS Classic 16
Solaris 14
Mac OS X 11
Pandora 9
TI Calculators 8
NeXT 4
Tandy Coco 4
OS/2 4
Amiga 2
GamePark 32 2
GP2X 2
Win3.1 2
Atari ST 1
Tandy VIS 1
custom 1
Dreamcast 1
Altair 8800 1
Jaguar 1
Arcade 1
Minix 1
Amiga AGA 1
Mega Drive 1

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A1989 - ANSI X3.159-1989 (a.k.a. ANSI C / C89)
B1990 - ISO/IEC 9899:1990 (a.k.a. C90)
C1999 - ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (a.k.a. C99)

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