Clone conundrum

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Deals with the various issues such as human rights, who is who, etc. associated with clones of people, especially if they share each others memories and personalities.


The first video game about Clone conundrum was released in 2000.

Frictional Games and Facepalm Games has published most of these games

Example issues:
* Which is Real or Original one?
* In which body will you continue existing if the clone is a perfect copy? (Technically this would always be the one you started in, the clone is just something that starts existing from the point of cloning forward with New consciousness that is a copy of the original.)
* Do clones have any rights of their own? Does the original have the right to decide the fate of the clone?
* Does a clone actually have the same personality and/or memories as the original?
* Could a clone be used as a brainwashed substitute?
* How do you actually deal with living with more than one of you in existence? Should there be only one of you?
... and so forth.

The problems can range from human rights to identity crisis and beyond.