Clone technology

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Features cloning technology or its products.


Name variations: cloning technology, clones

The first video game about Clone technology was released in 2000.

Tripwire Interactive, Facepalm Games and Mode 7 Games has published most of these games

This used to be a common scifi horror/conspiracy theme due to assumption that clones would inevitably grow to be identical evil twins. However, physical appearance alone will vary greatly as the clone doesn't have the original's life to shape their body the same way, though this can be mimicked to a degree. Another problem is the personality which also lacks your life's experiences to shape mannerism, modes of speech, ticks, etc. Not to speak of the actual mind the clone itself has and if it is willing to go over all this. Also minimalistic cellular mutation that has happened as you aged has some effects on how you appear, which would be missing from the clone. And finally, science has found no evidence what-so-ever for cellular/genetic memory which the clone might "inherit". It's all in your brains and nowhere else, and a notable chunk of your brain wouldn't be enough to produce something like that either.