Software concept

Audio and video encoding algorithms and related libraries.

AAC audio codec0 game
Bink Video codec.bik files developed by RAD Game Tools. Uses up to 16 different techniques per file to optimize decoding times rather than achieving best compression2000 / 201696 games
Cinepak video codecLossy video codec released in 1991. It was one of the first video compression tools to achieve FMV on CD-ROM.1 game
DivX video codec2004 / 20096 games
H.264Uses the video compression format developed by ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG).2012 / 20143 games
Indeo video codecA video codec from Intel.1998 / 20002 games
MP3 audio codecA controversial audio codec due to its many, [u]many[/u] licensing issues. Was, and likely still is, very popular with regular end-users despite it.2003 / 201713 games
QuickTime media playerRequires Apple QuickTime to be present on the system.1992 / 201527 games
Theora video encodingUses Theora video encoding format by Xiph.Org, often stored in Ogg container format.2007 / 201516 games
Vorbis audio encodingUses Vorbis audio encoding format by Xiph.Org, often stored in Ogg container format.1999 / 2017482 games
Windows MediaUses one or more of the proprietary Windows Media Audio/Video formats which may require installation of extra software packages or Windows Media Player itself.2005 / 201619 games
Xvid video codec2006 / 20092 games