Color blind friendly

Video game concept

Is designed or includes an option that makes the game more suitable for people with color blindness.


The first video game about Color blind friendly was released in 1997.

Blizzard Entertainment, Valve and Gaslamp Games has published most of these games

A game with colorblind correction will also likely be playable on a monochrome displays and visa-versa.
The changes are either color adjustments or adding shapes where previously there were none, the latter of which is more efficient in combating color blindness but not always desirable for the games themselves.

Color blindness commonly (but not always) covers problems with distinguishing red and green colors which are also commonly used for safe/unsafe or friendly/enemy distinction (ally and enemy in multiplayer games). Color blindness does occur with other colors too, but this is most likely pair problematic for gamers due to their prevalence in games.

Common replacement for red/green is blue/yellow.