Combat mode

Video game concept

Entering combat also causes the game to enter a special mode of operation where gameplay changes more or less, often entering an arena-like location or other greater detail representation of the location.


Name variations: battle mode, fighting mode

The first video game about Combat mode was released on August 1980.

Koei, SSI and Starcraft has published most of these games

Some games may allow player to choose when to enter combat mode of their own volition, others dictate it for them.

This may include entering a special combat screen or combat field separate of the game world otherwise traversed in.

Any and all cases of automated battles do NOT count, regardless if they enter a special screen or playing field to show how it resolves.

This is NOT for simply pulling out your gun and holstering it whenever you like, nor entering a combat stance.

Parent groups

Encounter mode, Modal


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NEC PC8801 34
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Atari ST 20
GB 17
MICRO 7 - FM7 16
X68000 16
Mac OS Classic 14
Famicom Disk System 9
Nintendo DS 9
Switch 7
PS 7
PS Vita 7
PS3 6
FM Towns 6
Mega Drive 6
Atari 400/800 5
Apple IIGS 5

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