Combined effort

Video game concept

Two or more characters, vehicles, or such can combine their effort to perform at a single task better than they could alone (they work at the exact same thing at same place).


The first video game about Combined effort was released in 1990.

Paradox Interactive, Arrowhead Game Studios and Tengen has published most of these games

Note that unlike cooperation, this does not refer to anything cooperative being mandatory, only that it makes things work better.

Most obvious way to make combined effort appear as such is to have the increase in efficiency to be greater than the number of its parts. That is, if alone your efficiency is 10, thus two doing the same thing separately would be 10+10=20, but doing the same thing together would produce 22 instead giving an extra 2 efficiency. Regardless if this added efficiency scales linearly or logarithmically, you get noticeable benefits from doing it. Another way is to make notable improvements in time used, like carrying a large objects such as a log, a sofa, or similar is realistically much faster with two people than alone.

NOT for things like gathering resources at multiple locations or similar, but rather two building The Same support beam or such.


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