Combo actions

Video game concept

Certain actions, when chained together, create a new or improved effect.


Alternate names: Action synergy, Active skill synergy

The first video game about Combo actions was released on March 30, 2010.

Paradox Interactive, Valve and Winterwolves has published most of these games

* Spreading grease/oil on an area and lighting it in fire, causing the fire to burn longer/hotter and making it stick. Unlike alone, it would only create a slick surface, or a brief fire.
* Wetting someone and then electrocuting them
* Tossing someone in the air, and the tossed person performing a ground pound with much greater force (due to the greater height reached)
* Kicking another on the knee (causing them to buckle down), followed by uppercut knocks the victim out immediately
... and so forth. More fantastic instances are possible depending on what you can work with.
See also: group actions, action chaining

Unlike action chaining, the indivial actions can be performed alone. And unlike group actions, this does not require more than one person, though presumably can be done by two or more people in some cases.

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