Companions and subordinates

Creatures theme

CompanionPlayer has a companion that helps them out where and when they can.1984 / 2019228 games
CounselorPlayer has one or more characters almost constantly nattering what they should be doing or how to do it.1992 / 201894 games
DevoteesThe protagonist has or can have one or more devotees of almost any sort and may or must interact with them.2004 / 20074 games
DronePlayer has one or more drone ships, robots, or other similar entities running about aiding them in whatever task they're at.1985 / 201673 games
GroupPlayer is part of a group and can issue some form of instructions to (or, in some instances, assume full control of) the other members.1975 / 20191140 games
HirelingsPlayer can meet people or other beings they can hire to join them temporarily until they die, become incapacitated, or their contract ends.1975 / 201522 games
MinionsPlayer has or can have any number of underlings at her beck and call.1975 / 201658 games
No minion controlPlayer has no control over their minions or any other underlings.1975 / 201614 games
One of manyThe protagonist is one of many on a single side, whether or not the others actually manage to do anything useful.2001 / 201537 games
PetThe protagonist has or can have (usually one) animal companion that is not an integral part of the story or gameplay.1989 / 201940 games
Temporary companionsPlayer is occasionally accompanied by others.1991 / 201693 games