Software theme

Any and all tags relating to software and hardware compatibility.

Case insensitiveThe game is case insensitive and may fail to function properly if installed on a file system that is case sensitive.1 game
Other compatibility issuesGame has various compatibility issues not covered by other compatibility tags.1 game
DOS installerA Windows or otherwise non-DOS game that uses a DOS installer.1994 / 19952 games
ffdshow incompatibilityExhibits issues of varying severity with ffdshow installed.1999 / 20034 games
Intel GMA incompatibility issuesExperiences compatibility issues with Intel GMA graphics cards. For non-proprietary non-dedicated systems, this can make the game unusable.1 game
Incompatibility: Multi-core CPUExhibits issues of varying severity with multicore processors (likely hangs, crashes, or abnormal performance). Usually solved by limiting the game to single core.1999 / 20063 games
Virtualization incompatibilityExhibits issues of varying severity with any virtualization (sandboxing) in use.2013 / 20153 games
Install OS limitThe game setup program prevents installing the game on unsupported (versions of) systems on purpose.1995 / 200810 games
NX bit conflictHas issues with NX bit or other similar implementations being in use.2004 / 20145 games
Operating system limitGames that have artificial limiter that prevents them from being played on operating systems they fail to recognize or think are unable to run the game properly.1994 / 20074 games
Non-standard port orderControllers and accessories in non-standard ports. Player 1 must use the 2nd controller port, or an accessory for the 2nd port works in the 1st port instead, or similar non-standard nonsense.1980 / 19909 games
Requirement: Swap fileRequires that the system has swap file in use.2006 / 20116 games
Unbound speedGame speed is purely dependent on how fast your computer can run it, making them run unplayably fast on newer machines without artificial means of slowing it down.1989 / 19984 games
Windows: 16 bit installerInstaller is 16 bit application even if the game itself is 32 bit. Prevents installation on 64 bit Windows as the 16 bit sub-system is missing.1995 / 199910 games