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Works normally with at least 1 version of Wine translation and compatibility layer for Linux, simply by installing it, the same as if you were running it on Windows

Originally WINE was acronym for WINdows Emulator. It was later changed (misguidedly) into recursive backronym Wine Is Not an Emulator. And farther still along the line it was turned to be just the word Wine.

This only refers to out-of-the-box compatibility for all game functions. Those that function partially, or need to be configured strangely in order to work are not to be included.

Should not assume dependencies are not required to be present, as they're not assumed to be there either on windows. Game installers usually silently run redist installers for a number of things along with the game installation, and wine likely can't use them all or does not include everything out-of-the-box normal system might have (e.g. certain ie7 files).
Although Wine is claimed to not be an emulator in some places (even by the developers claimed this for an extended period), there's yet to be any convincing explanation of what it is besides an emulator.

To explain, it needs to accomplish the following:
1) Translate WinPE executables and DLLs into ELF or other Linux format so they can be run natively, which would make it executable converter (though for some obscure reason it requires to be run each time instead of only once).
2) Supply emulation layer for Component Object Model which has no equivalent on Linux.
3) Supply Windows API related libraries, emulating proprietary software.
4) Supply emulation layer for DirectX to OpenGL, some audio libraries, input, etc. (DirectX requires above COM emulation)
5) Supply NTFS/FAT emulation/obfuscation for any apps running under it so they "understand" Linux filesystem.
6) Supply Windows registry equivalent (emulate proprietary software again).

All or most of which is done via emulation, as Wine does not function as WinPE to ELF converter. The only real claim they have against Wine not being an emulator is that it doesn't emulate hardware, but this is moot as it's still emulating an operating system (it's presumably not virtual machine either, but those are emulators as well, except when used to run same system as the host). This may also be the source of the misconception that Wine isn't an emulator, since it doesn't emulate the hardware (you need same hardware as you would when playing the games on Windows), only software.
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The first Compatible with Wine video game was released in 1989.

Electronic Arts, and Eidos Interactive published most of these games.

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