Computer graphics

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Anything relating to specifically computer graphics, such as computer graphics adapters.

TV DazzlerA video card compatible with S-100 bus computers. It allowed software to use a TV as a video only terminal and, more spectacularly, did so in color.1976 / 197710 games
Amstrad Graphics AdapterSome Amstrad computers, including their PC-compatibles, used embedded video hardware extremely similar to CGA but with added features.1985 / 199312 games
Color Graphics AdapterA graphics adapter introduced in 1981 that supported 4-bit color (16 colors) and resolutions up to 640×200, superseded by EGA (introduced in 1984).1981 / 2018819 games
Display: CGA CompositeThese games were deigned to display artifact colors when used with a composite monitor.1982 / 2018121 games
HeadStart Explorer Color Graphics AdapterA CGA variant integrated into HeadStart Explorer motherboards that could produce 16 color CGA graphics on an RGB monitor.1989 / 19913 games
Enhanced Graphics AdapterA graphics adapter introduced in 1984 that supported 6-bit color (64 colors) and resolutions up to 640×350, superseded by VGA (introduced in 1987).1984 / 2018799 games
Hercules Graphics Card1982 graphics hardware by Hercules Computer Technology. IBM's text-only MDA+CGA-emulating graphics. Also 720x350 mono text+graphics.1984 / 2016289 games
Hercules InColor Graphics CardA competitor to EGA & VGA with a focus on multiple font text modes and backwards compatibility.1986 / 19935 games
Multicolor Graphics AdapterA low cost competitor for VGA that supported 256 paletted display at 320×200 resolution, introduced in 1987 by IBM.1984 / 2015357 games
Monochrome Display AdapterA graphics adapter introduced in 1981 by IBM that supported only text mode.0 game
Plantronics ColorplusA double CGA card for 1 ISA slot that provides CGA modes with twice as many colors or 80-column color text.1 game
Tandy Graphics AdapterImprovement on IBM's Color Graphics Adapter that supported 16 colours at 320x200 resolution, introduced in 1984.1982 / 2018782 games
VESAVariety of computer display standards introduced as extensions to VGA by VESA (starting with SVGA), allowing true color displays (24 bit and 32 bit) and unbound resolutions, including the VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) which is used to enable these.1990 / 201790 games
Video Graphics ArrayGraphics adapter introduced in 1987 that supported 18-bit color (256 on screen) & resolutions up to 640x480. Superseded by VESA standards & extensions1984 / 2018710 games