Controller Port Link

Hardware concept

A solution to network two systems (likely for multiplayer) that lends well to consoles with 2 or more controller ports.


Alternate name: Controller Port Network

The first video game about Controller Port Link was released in 1994.

Typically this is a simple connection between the last port (nearly always the player 2 port) on one system and the last port on the second system. These cables tend to be simple, connecting pins to pins in each port with no other components required besides cables and connectors. Developers will usually post instructions on how the end-users can create their own. It is usually a solution designed by a game developer to overcome a lack of network capability in a console, not designed by the developer of the console itself. Systems with serial, parallel, data, expansion, or other non-controller ports available are highly unlikely to ever have a controller port network cable system designed for them since these other ports are better suited for networking.

Networking more than two systems via controller ports virtually requires more than two controller ports per system, a more complicated cable that does more than simple connect pins (additional components), and/or an alternate controller types that do not use the gameport.


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