Tight corridors

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Includes any kind of narrow passageways, either natural or artificial, where one has so little space they can't go around anyone else in them without extreme discomfort. Commonly air ducts, maintenance shafts or trench tunnels.


Alternate name: Narrow tunnels

The first video game about Tight corridors was released in 1993.

Full Control Studios, Team17 Software and Activision has published most of these games

In gameplay terms, you usually can't go around anyone in these, requiring you to wait for them to get out of the way or force your way through them (commonly the latter as they tend to be hostile).

Mostly of interest in any grid-based games where player controls multiple independently moving characters, but other kinds of games are applicable as well, especially if friendly fire is possible.
* Air ducts

* Hallways
* Tunnels
* Sewers
* Mine
* Cave

Child groups

Air ducts, Crawl tunnels

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