Other (objects, etc.) entity

Player has one or more characters almost constantly nattering what they should be doing or how to do it.


Alternate names: Instructor, Operations officer

The first video game about Counselor was released on March 12, 1992.

Nintendo, Codemasters and Kalypso Media Digital has published most of these games

These can be characters who tag along, but more often they're on the other side of a radio, sometimes they're tiny magical creatures that can thus "naturally" travel in your pocket or otherwise avoid dangers of the protagonist's life.

Unfortunately these are often done poorly, or at least prattle at such a frequency that noticeable number of players wish they could make the "counselor" shut up for just a moment. More useful to younger people who like the guidance, as they may have trouble discerning the what-now bit by themselves, but for more mature players they're usually less enjoyable.

This can be sometimes excused with the "counselor" character's impatience or to deliver the illusion of hurry even when the game will leisurely wait for the player to arrive at set locations before anything real happens. The latter case is more easy to identify while the former is easily "mistaken" with unnecessarily high reminder frequency, neither really has any bearing on the use of this tag, however.

* Can be combined with the companion tag when they do more than just talk.

* Tag strength has little meaning for this, though max value could be used for the most chatty cases while anything below just fills in the necessary but does not badger the player (much) after the initial statement.
* Companion - though the counselor type rarely does anything besides talking.

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