Counter attacks

Activities theme

Player has the ability to take advantage of their opponents' attacks and turn them into devastating attacks of their own. The opponents may also be able to do this.


Alternate names: Riposte
Name variations: riposting, counter attacking, counters

The first video game about Counter attacks was released on December 2, 2003.

Activision, Deep Silver and Feral Interactive has published most of these games

This is similar to parrying, except the attack happens automatically as part of the parry. It may be the player has option of both, with the counter attack activation being somewhat harder. This may also be a dodge and attack.

Note that if the player has to separately do both the parry/dodge and the attack and there's no difference how they're executed, then this tag does not count (there's no separate game mechanic involved). However, manually activated counter attack that is different (and not just by how it appears) from an attack performed otherwise do count.