Coup de grâce

Video game concept

Player may kill other characters/creatures outright when they're incapacitated (unconscious, paralyzed, etc.) and may be suspect to this themselves.


The first video game about Coup de grâce was released on March 15, 2001.

Ubisoft, Deep Silver and JoWood Productions has published most of these games

Note that this is not for so called finishing moves but rather attacks that kill the opponents much earlier than it'd be possible in normal fight with them and with much less effort (e.g. single knife stab instead of several).

Generally this is interesting in games where non-realistic damage model exists as they imply you must stab the characters several times regardless in what condition they're to avoid getting their vital organs impaled by your attacks.

This may omit certain creatures, such as a dragon might not be any more suspectible to your weapons unconscious than they're when they're conscious (simply too thick hide to penetrate regardless).
See also: killing blow (any attacks that kill the targets in one hit no matter how much health or such they have), finishing moves, euthanasia (mercy kill)

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Stunning
... or encountering sleeping characters who can be dealt with before they wake up
... or something else.

* Backstabbing