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An operating system that reached its peak just before the IBM-PC was released. It rapidly lost its market share to MS-DOS compatible OSes. Made 'open source' in 2001.


The first video game about CP/M OS was released on November 11, 1970.

Infocom, The Adventure Workshop and Continental Software has published most of these games

The 'license' granted in 2001 is by nature non-permanent and proprietary. It has not been OSI or FSF approved.
Right to use, distribute, modify, enhance and otherwise make available in a nonexclusive manner the CP/M technology as part of the "Unofficial CP/M Web Site" with its maintainers, developers and community.

I further state that as Chairman and CEO of Lineo, Inc. that I have the right to do offer such a license.

Lineo and its affiliates, partners and employees make no warranties of any kind with regards to this technology and its usefulness or lack thereof.

Bryan Sparks
CEO Lineo, Inc.

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