Hardware entity

Requires at least 386 type of CPU with clock speeds ranging from 12 to 40 MHz.


Alternate names: 80386, i386

The first video game about 386DX CPU was released on December 19, 1990.

Microprose, SSI and Sierra On-Line has published most of these games

The 386 is the first 32-bit CPU in the x86 family, extending memory capacity to 4GB and offering various other enhancements.

386SX was a lower performing budget variant.

Parent groups

Processor architectures, x86 CPU architecture, x86-32 CPU


MS-DOS 155
Win3.1 19
Linux 3
Windows 2
OS/2 1

By year

85868788899091929394959697989900 681734510 ABCD
A1985 - 386 introduced
B1989 - 486 introduced
C1993 - Pentium released
D1996 - Pentium MMX introduced

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