Crayon Shin-chan

Culture serie

Based on the Crayon Shin-chan manga or anime by Yoshito Usui.

Alternate names: クレヨンしんちゃん, Shin chan

The first video game about Crayon Shin-chan was released in 1993.

Bandai has published all these games

Apparently much of the jokes of the source material are impossible to translate to other languages as they are tied so deep into the culture. Likely the case with the games as well, so any translations would likely change the tone significantly without including tons of editorial notes on what everything means and where it comes from and why it is actually thought to be funny. Even then you'd probably just go WTF at it and wonder what the creators had been on.


Shinnosuke Nohara
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By year

9091929394959697989900010203040506070809 82460 ABC
A1990 - Shin-chan manga started
B1992 - Shin-chan anime started
C1996 - Mitsuru Hongo no longer the anime director

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