Crazed animals

Creatures theme

Features crazed animals. Likely behaving oddly and exhibiting very unusual level of aggression.


The first video game about Crazed animals was released in 1984.

Eidos Interactive, SSI and Datasoft has published most of these games

Animals, even creatures like wolves traditionally said to be dangerous to humans, normally don't attack humans for any reason (not adults at least, maybe some 3 year olds, but that's because of the size).

Wolves are very popular case with this, because of the long lasting belief (unfortunately many still do) that they'd actually attack humans (they don't, it's more probable that they were wolf-dog half-breed or plain dogs that did the attacking). Hunger is one reason that may drive away their fear of humans, but that's desperation, not their normal behaviour. Works of fiction don't help this much as they're often depicted in contrary to facts with no explanation (usually they give the impression that it's a fact).

This is the same as crazed sentients but for non-sentient animals. However, this tag group deviates from the other by including cases with real world animals depicted wrongly by making them aggressive to humans, not just in-world cases of such (although they're included as well).

Cases like "zombie" animals should also be included if their unnatural state is not clear, a bit like some Resident Evil games have flocks of birds attacking the player but their zombified (I presume) nature is not clear in any manner (though this is a good assumption that most would make, I believe).