Creator versus creation

Culture concept

Depicts creator and their creation struggling with each other.


Alternate name: Conflict between creator and creation

The first video game about Creator versus creation was released on March 26, 1994.

Night Dive Studios, Evolved Games and Dynamix has published most of these games

* Rogue AI - note that this does not necessarily create a notable conflict between the creator and the creation.
* Biotechnology
* Robots
* Artificial intelligences
* Rampant creation (similar case, but covers also unintelligent creations and when the creation doesn't actually oppose its creator specifically)
Either with the creation turning against the creator, or the creator turning against the creation. There can be various reasons for either on both sides.

* Creator no longer needs the creation; attempts to deactivate, dismantle or otherwise discard them.
* Creation feels like the creator is no longer needed, and does the same as above.
* Creator fears its creation and tries to destroy it.
* Creation gains self-awareness
* Creation is "flawed"
* Creation was made to create conflict in the first place

Obviously in all these cases the other side does not agree with the action the other tries to do and the conflict is born.

"Creator fears its creation and tries to destroy it" can be extended to: the creator fears that the creation will eventually turn against its creator, thus pre-emptively tries to prevent this by turning on the creation themselves, doing to the creation exactly what they feared the creation would do to them, thus actually justifying the creation turning against its creator even if it had no meaning nor inclination to do so otherwise. Off-topic: This happens in real-life too, but outside of creator/creation conflicts but instead in conflicts of major ideology vs minor ideology, with the proponents of the major ideology oppressing the proponents of the minor ideology simply because they think they'd eventually oppress them if allowed to grow into equal or greater status.

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