Culture concept

Any tags that describe things that most cultures and law systems view as crimes.

In some places even fiction about some of these subjects is illegal. These are not also guaranteed to be universally illegal activities, some may be legal in some portions of the world.
BribingThe player may engage in the giving or taking of bribes.1982 / 201734 games
EmbezzlingEmbezzlement is rightfully and legally accepting funds authorized for a certain purpose but then secretly spending those funds on a different purpose.1 game
Grave robbingPlayer can or must rob graves, either the corpses themselves or whatever valuables were entombed with them or both.1996 / 201637 games
GuroA mixing of the erotic and grotesque imagery or using grotesque imagery for pornographic purposes. Usually involves graphic murder and torture.2008 / 20132 games
HackingPlayers can or are required to hack or otherwise tamper with computers and other electrical devices. Usually accomplished by some puzzle minigame.1983 / 2018227 games
HebephiliaA paraphilia towards early-to-mid adolescent (pubescent) people.2003 / 20122 games
HijackingPlayer can hijack or commandeer vehicles.1983 / 201679 games
MurderPlayer witnesses unlawful murder of someone or personally murders someone.1989 / 201727 games
PedophiliaA paraphilia towards pre-pubescent people.1 game
PickpocketingPlayer can or must steal from the pockets, belt or other worn apparel something of value without being noticed.1994 / 201852 games
PornographyAnything intended to stimulate sexually. Typically graphic display of genitals and intercourse is included.1982 / 2016154 games
RapeDepicts non-consensual intercourse; possibly with the player character partaking in it, fighting against it, or simply witnessing it.1986 / 201642 games
SpecicidePlayer can somehow cause the extinction of a whole species.1985 / 20168 games
StealingPlayer can or must steal items or wealth from someone.1983 / 2018135 games
TortureInvolves torture, especially cases where the player takes active part as the perpetrator.1999 / 201748 games
TrespassingPlayer can or must trespass on areas where they have no right to be in, prompting a call for law enforcers, local guards or even personal attempt to apprehend or subdue the player character.2001 / 201835 games
VandalismPlayer can or must damage or otherwise ruin the property of others.2008 / 20104 games