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A highly intelligent black bird. With the related Raven, thought of as harbingers of doom & death.


The first video game about Crows was released on January 21, 2009.

Electronic Arts has published all these games

Why is the crow's reputation so depressing?
The crow is all black. All of them say the eerie "Cah, ah ahh" to call in other crows. But on top of that, they have all different calls in different areas (ie: different languages). Not actually language, but the crows are clearly communicating to each other through learned calls. Non-understood communication by nearby scary individuals is unnerving. The fact is, they watch us and then communicate about us and we don't know what their saying about us. They tell secrets about us. To make matters worse, occasionally in history they have uttered a word or two in human language of their own accord (crows can learn to mimic human speech). It was mere mimicry, but it was enough to suggest they understood what we were saying. This can be gathered when literature has a crow speak a single word but it is otherwise completely non-fantastic (a normal crow speaks, rather than anthropomorphic one). In modern times it is known that crows, like some parrots, actually can understand a minimal number of the words they speak. People often felt that crows were watching them, personally, and if could recognize and remember them. They were probably correct, science has discovered that crows can recognize individual humans by their facial features and remember what they know about that person. A crow might perch on the gravestone or crypt of someone they watched in while living, because they recognized them when they were being buried. Crows also have an unusual levels empathy and altruism. They can figure out if one of their own is about to die of natural causes and will do what they can to make them comfortable, bringing them food and just hanging out for no particular reason beside companionship until their fellow dies. This kindness occasionally extends to humans and other species as well. They have even been known to discern when someone is depressed and have brought food to people to cheer them (perhaps recognizing that people often bring food to them). Thus, crows attend the depressed and dying. Which was misinterpreted. Finally, they eat carrion. But they just don't stumble across it nor wait for predictors to dismantle it before moving in. Unlike vultures or other carrion birds, they have the intelligence to communicate the plan to their fellows and approach the scene before there are any sick or dying. You see, when armies met on a battlefield, the crows were already there circling. They recognized when there were about to be piles of dead bodies. Very unnerving to any human who could not grasp that the crows had thought this out. Further more, the crows in the air could see the locations of both armies before the armies even knew about each other and had the wherewithal estimate where they would meet. To people, when crows showed up on a battle field before they even knew they were going to battle there, it gave the appearance that the crows could see the future of death.