Split currency

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Wealth is split into several types of cash of differing value.


The first video game about Split currency was released in 1994.

Interplay and Atlus has published most of these games

* This is NOT for cases with multiple currencies that can't be used in all parts of the game world (e.g. USD, GBP, Yen, etc.).
* This is NOT for cases where the split is only a minor visual gimmick.

Commonly this is with something like copper, silver and gold.

Preferably cases where the higher value currency is NOT always 10 or 100 times more worthy than the lower value. As in, copper covers the first 2 digits, silver is the next 2 and gold is the rest. Splitting 12173 cash into 1 gold, 21 silver and 73 copper. More like: 1 gold is say 12 silver, 1 silver is 60 copper.

However, if the player is required to manually deal with each monetary unit, the 100 split is still usable even if not exactly realistic. Cases without the 100 split or similar are not applicable either if the conversion is automatic.