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Any feature that makes you able to turn things into more like what you want them to be rather than simply making them "better" (upgrades).
Antagonist designingPlayer can design their antagonist.1993 / 20092 games
Clothing1982 / 201888 games
Creature designing1997 / 201610 games
Custom scenariosPlayer can customize games you play. Unlike level editors, these usually have few attributes to be tweaked and the game world is randomly generated from player given parameters.1984 / 201424 games
Freeform designingThe involved designing happens with very little preset limitations, allowing you to create even completely non-functional things even with all necessary parts used.2009 / 20158 games
ExtensibleExisting content can be extended, adding new characters, enemies, and complementary game logic without replacing the old.1987 / 201736 games
HUD customizationThe in-game HUD can be customized by moving any of its elements about and possibly adjusting their size/detail or even appearance.2004 / 20138 games
Level editorLevel, map and/or scenario editor is available with the game or from official public sources for free, so players can design their own levels to the game.1980 / 2018950 games
ModifiableExisting game logic can be modified or replaced.1998 / 201662 games
Protagonist designingPlayer can design the protagonist's appearance. Such as choosing skin, hair and eye color, size, height, weight, shape, markings, clothes, etc.1988 / 2018154 games
Protagonist designing: BodyPlayer can design the protagonist's body's appearance.1993 / 201518 games
Protagonist designing: FacePlayer can design the protagonist's facial appearance, hairstyle, facial tattooing and jewelry.1993 / 201539 games
Scenario editorA variant between game customization and full on level/map editing, allows creating scenarios that live outside of what map is in use.1991 / 20164 games
Spell designingPlayer can create new spells by combining various effectors together, varying from spell properties (duration, range, power) to effects (burn, heal, create fork) to application methods (by touch, throw, "just happens", etc.) and so forth.1994 / 201616 games
Vehicle customizationFeatures vehicle customization. Adjusting different features to suit your playstyle or needs.1985 / 2018116 games
Vehicle designingPlayer is given the ability to "design" vehicles, usually by combining various large components to produce something relatively unique.1997 / 201895 games
Weapon customizationWeapons can be customized by adding and removing components such as sights, stocks, grips, blades, etc. Also includes magical customization, such as enchantments and curses, and any others.2000 / 201839 games