Damage drop-off

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Damage lowers with distance.


Alternate names: Damage falloff, Damage reduction at range
Name variations: Damage fall-off, Damage dropoff

The first video game about Damage drop-off was released on May 1, 2003.

Fractal Softworks, Deep Silver and CCP Games has published most of these games

See also: ballistics
Realistically this can occur with physical projectiles in atmosphere where the friction from air itself lowers the velocity and thus destructive force of the projectile with range, LASERs lose efficiency from simply refraction from atmosphere over distances. Even more so underwater. However, in space (vacuum), damage drop-off with range makes little sense since there's no friction or material to soak velocity or scatter light or other particles. For some obscure reason damage drop-off with range is most common in games set in space despite being the least realistic there.