Dark choices

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Player is made to choose between two or more options where each and every one of them are clearly the bad choice. Thus there's no real lesser of two evils, but rather one evil or another, or extremely drastic measure over an utterly foolhardy one.


The first video game about Dark choices was released on April 24, 2012.

For example: force a patient to drastic treatment (e.g. amputation) against their will or leave them to die, because of an evacuation and they can't be transported as they are (for whatever reason).

If the game has alignment system, all of the choices must affect the character the same way as otherwise it would not belong here. So if player is given three choices that clearly would affect alignment, they all do, and in the same direction, and by the same amount (or roughly so, depending on how fine grain the system is).