Dark past

Other (objects, etc.) theme

A central location or character has past that's best left forgotten, but somehow comes back to haunt. Or this serves as a general theme.


Name variations: dark history

The first video game about Dark past was released in 1993.

LucasArts, Daedalic Entertainment and Infogrames has published most of these games

* An utopistic country/empire/etc. built around genocide and other purges.
* A town founded by Evil cultists and associated rituals.
* A town founded by heedless (or Evil) people on hallow grounds.
* A public figure who has performed Evil deeds in the past, even if they were for good reasons.
* Anything involving murder, be it accidental, intentional, or anything...
* The protagonist or one of their tagalong friends having done or witnessing (living) any of the above.

Note that it isn't required that the "dark" things are still happening.