Dead Space

Video game serie

The first video game about Dead Space was released on October 13, 2008.

Electronic Arts has published all these games

* Concordance Extraction Corporation — CEC; owner of Ishimura.
* USG Ishimura — the planetcracker spaceship.
* Necromorphs — the viral alien lifeform.
* Church of Unitology — a "scientific" religious movement started from a conspiracy theory relating to a black Marker of presumably alien origin, largest religion in the mythos. Employs pyramid hierarchy where you can reach the higher echelons only by immense contributions to the Church's cause (multimillion kind of contributions).

* The Thing — film
* Solaris — 1972 film

Oddly there's heavy emphasis by some in-mythos guys that to reach the heaven or whatever of Church of Unitology, one must die. However, in most religions, heaven or related place of eternal bliss is reached only by the dead, so the emphasis is either sign of how most religions have changed or an oversight in writing (it's oversight in either case, since Unitology is the biggest religion by far, so changes in the others shouldn't weigh as much).