Death world

Locations theme

Takes place on an exceedingly inhospitable world.


The first video game about Death world was released in 1995.

Electronic Arts, Interplay and Bungie Software has published most of these games

Note, this is for death world, not dead world

* No real herbivores, thus most animal life out there considers you potential meal.
* Most animals have passive or active defenses, such as plentiful spines, poisonous skin, poison spit, etc.
* A noticeable number of the plants themselves are also carnivorous or have lethal defenses such as poison gas, poison stingers, etc.
* Numerous treacherous terrain features, such as bogs, quicksand, massive chasms, etc.
* Any permanent structures are hard to establish due to lack of level or sufficiently solid terrain.
* Toxic substances are common, such as lack of drinkable water (might be drinkable to natives).
* Irradiated or otherwise dangerous substances in the open, above ground.