Delayed release

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Released notable time period after the game was finished. Possibly to avoid competition with other titles.


The first video game about Delayed release was released on September 17, 2008.

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For X360, PS3 and Windows cross-platform titles it is very common to delay the Windows release by few months (usually about 2). This is presumably due to claimed rampant piracy on Windows and the publishers want to get more sales out of the console releases before Windows players get their hands on the games.

The above may also be handwaved for various reasons, such as PC platform needing more QA time (because of wildly varying hardware) or time used to finalize controls for PC players that don't use gamepads. The latter is unlikely to be true in most cases as such can easily be interleaved with earlier development with no notable delay to final release, the former may be true if there were issues remaining on PC, but otherwise considering the consistently lacking final quality in terms of what such QA would've eliminated tends to speak otherwise.


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