Eastern demons

Creatures concept

Includes any kind of eastern demons or creatures inspired by them.


Alternate names: 妖怪, Yāoguài, 妖怪, Yōkai, جن, Jinn

The first video game about Eastern demons was released on May 19, 1987.

Hudson Soft, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo has published most of these games

Unlike western demons, eastern demons can be entirely benevolent or otherwise beneficial to humans and nature and may be even minions of some deities if not deities themselves, though they may also be fallen celestial beings.

Commonly these are nature spirits or similar who have either animal-like or monstrous appearance (regardless if they're benevolent or malevolent).

Jinn are usually seen as lamp Genies, which should not be counted in most cases.

However, much like their western counterparts, eastern demons can be as monstrous, fearsome or otherwise demonic in appearance despite their possible benevolent nature.