Difficulty: Evaluated

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The game somehow, usually as part of the intro or tutorial segment, evaluates player's skill level and recommends a difficulty setting best suited to provide adequate but not too high challenge.


Alternate name: Evaluation

The first video game about Difficulty: Evaluated was released on November 2007.

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This likely warns the player if they choose a difficulty two steps higher than what it has recommended, but does not prevent playing on it. For example, there are Easy, Normal, Hard and Realistic difficulty settings and the game evaluates that the player should play on Easy difficulty, if they try to select Hard or Realistic the game will bumb in and warn that it may be unnecessarily difficult for your skill level, but may not say anything if you choose Normal (one step higher). Likewise, it may note you if you choose lower difficulty that it might not provide any satisfactory challenge for you at that level.

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