DirectX 5

Software theme

Supports or requires DX5 run-times to be present.

Sparkle (Windows)
WIN 2007
Battlezone (Windows)
WIN 1998-03-12
Starscape (Windows)
WIN 2003-03-27
Tibia (Windows)
WIN 1997
Uprising (Windows)
WIN 1997-10-10
CyberStorm2: Corporate Wars (Windows)
WIN 1998
Brave Soul (Windows)
WIN 2001-03-30
Jurassic Park: Chaos Island (Windows)
WIN 1997
Hardwar: The Future Is Greedy (Windows)
WIN 1998
MageSlayer (Windows)
WIN 1997
Streets of SimCity (Windows)
WIN 1998
RahJongg: The Curse of Ra (Windows)
WIN 1998

The first video game about DirectX 5 was released on September 30, 1996.

Blue Byte, Microsoft and Interplay has published most of these games

First to implement DrawPrimitive API that would remove the need to work with execute buffers which developer's found to be too awkward to program in.