Display: 320x240

Hardware theme

Designed to display optimally at 320x240 resolution.


The first video game about Display: 320x240 was released on August 31, 1997.

Wisdom Tree has published all these games

Modern PC GPUs are incapable of rendering at this resolution and list 640x480 as the lowest they support.

Voodoo 2 GPU was released in 1998-02, capable of 800x600x16 graphics (this is correct, it couldn't draw 32bit), though performance was decent at half that resolution in most games. Original Voodoo only year or two prior to this with significantly inferior performance. Voodoo 3 was released late in 1998.

PowerVR, Rendition (Verite), S3 (ViRGE), ATi (3D Rage) and Matrox (Mystique) were competitors on the gaming GPU market at the time with similar or inferior capabilities.

Move to higher resolutions occurred around Voodoo 3's time or after.
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