Hardware entity

Variety of computer display standards introduced as extensions to VGA by VESA (starting with SVGA), allowing true color displays (24 bit and 32 bit) and unbound resolutions, including the VESA BIOS Extensions (VBE) which is used to enable these.


Alternate names: VBE, SVGA, UVGA, xVGA, Super Video Graphics Array, Ultra Video Graphics Array

The first video game about VESA was released in 1990.

GT Interactive, Electronic Arts and Interplay Entertainment has published most of these games

This is the modern standard and everything usually falls back to most basic VGA or SVGA mode, so games for computer platforms that are newer than this standard should probably not be tagged. DOS games and other similarly old platforms benefit from this however where this was not the standard or was added much later into the platform's life.

VESA modes are only used for fallback nowadays and thus are not actually important for video games beyond for platforms where support for them did not come out of the box.

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association but is rarely if ever used in its unabbreviated form.